Thursday, October 06, 2005

Collegiate adminstrators claim schools have higher responsibility

The University of Notre Dame was the first university to address sweatshop labor, said William Hoye, assistant vice president and deputy general counsel.

Hoye spoke about the difficulties of not dealing with countries that didn’t recognize the right to labor organization, which include China. Specifically, he said bobblehead dolls – and anything diecast – are almost exclusively made in China.

Following Hoye was Jim Wilkerson from Duke University. Wilkerson is the director of trademark licensing and store operations for Duke, a university he said dealt with much more apparel than most.

Wilkerson and Hoye downplayed the accomplishments of their respective universities, saying much more could be done to reduce sweatshop labor-made collegiate apparel.

Both said universities had a higher ethical standard – they had a responsibility to blaze a trail toward stopping the use of sweatshop labor.

By Catherine Hageman and Sam Nissen


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